How do I become an affiliate?

Becoming a affiliate is easy and absolutely free. All you have to do is enable affiliates in your account. 
1. Register at account.
2. Login to your account.
2. Select Affiliate link from the top navigation bar.
3. Enter your account password and after reading the terms of service, select I agree to the terms option.
4. Click Save Changes.
You will be provided with a unique affiliate id and an affiliate link to home page. To refer users to specific pages you just need to add the affiliate id as a query string on the page link. 

For example:

To refer users to our products, you need to link where aff=001 is your affiliate id.

IMPORTANT: Affiliate link is cookie based, so please have your clients to make sure cookies are enabled in their browsers before they follow the link; also cookies may not be disabled or cleared before a purchase is made from the affiliate account. This also means that they should use the same browser to sign up for an affiliate account and to make a purchase. If any of these conditions is not met, commission will not be credited.
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