Point of Sale with Stock Management System

Fabhosted POS is an efficient point of sales tool for the management of sales and purchases. It facilitates the achievement of sales targets in multiple branches through easy monitoring. This tool is easy to use and effective for organizations of varied sizes.

Features of Fabhosted POS

The Stunning Dashboard

Fabhosted POS allows you to keep a tab on total as well as the monthly amounts of sales and purchases. The interactive purchase sales report graph allows you to make informed decisions. Progress reports of each branch along with to-do lists and event calendars would help in the achievement of your sales target. You would receive notifications on the dashboard if products reach the minimum quantity.

Staff Management

The tool allows you to create users and assign roles to them. You could assign branches and cash registers and curate mail IDs and passwords for each user. It allows you to manage the permission of each user based on various modules.

Employee Databank

This feature makes it easier for a company to maintain a record of an employee’s personal, company, and Bank details along with their essential documentation. Employees could view and manage their profiles.

Customers and Venders Details

Fabhosted POS allows you to create and maintain the data of each customer and vendor. You get access to all essential information through a well-maintained format.

Product Management

You could create your product by assigning brand, category, unit, and determined tax rate to it. It is easy to create separate listings for each of these modules. This tool allows you to upload product images and descriptions, fix purchase and selling prices along with Stock Keeping Unit. This tool would solve all your stock mismanagement problems.

Record Purchases and Sales

It is easy to record purchases and sales of each firm effectively with the help of barcodes. You can also view your purchase and sales records through well-maintained data.

Manage Returns

Add immediate return entries by selecting vendor and customer and adding products to the order list. It is easy to create returns and staff notes for each return. This would free you from the hassle of record keeping.

Send Quotations

Send quotations to customers on their Email by adding products, quotation notes, and reference numbers to them. Send important quotations on an immediate basis with ease.

Expense List

Manage your expense list by assigning expenses to specified branches and categories. Curate your customized expense category based on your organization’s needs.

Notifications and Events

Create notifications and they would pop up on your dashboard. Add events in the calendar so that you never miss out on an important event.

Branch and Cash Registers

Add new branches and cash registers for your organization.

Branch Sales Target

Create a sales target and you could view the progress of each target in your dashboard.
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